1.  What are your school hours?

We are open Mondays to Fridays from 8.30am till 6.30pm.


2.  What is the minimum age required to meet the criteria to enroll into the Pre-School/Nursery?

18 months old is the minimum age required to be enrolled in the Pre-School/Nursery. For more information on more available programs, please click here.


3.  What are your methods of teaching?

We utilize a combination of various methods of teaching that focuses on the development of a child’s reading and practical life skills. 


4.  What is the main language of communication and interaction?

English is the main language of communication and interaction in Words. However, since the curriculum include other language classes, children will also come into contact with other languages like Bahasa Melayu and Mandarin.  


5.  What is the teacher to student ratio (class size)?

While the teacher to student ration varies with four different programs, the ratio for all four are kept to the minimal. This is to ensure that ample individual attention is given to each child. 


The maximum ratio will follow accordingly:

 Crèche Program (18 months -  3 years)  

1 teacher : 6 students  


 Elementary 1 Program (3+ years – 4 years)

1 teacher : 10 students


 Elementary 2 Program (5 years)

1 teacher : 15 students


•  Elementary 3 Program (6 years)

1 teacher : 15 students


6.  Would there be any assessment for my child prior to admission?

Yes, but this only applies to those planning to enroll for the Elementary Programs. The assessment will cover the area of reading and fine motor skills based on the level or program the child is enrolling in. 


7.  Would my child be given any homework?

No, they will not be given any homework to be taken and completed at home as they are expected to complete their worksheets and exercises during school hours. A weekly report on the child’s performance will be emailed to parents, and books will only be given back upon request.


8.  Are we entitled to a free trial of your program before making a decision to enroll?

Yes, every child that meets the 18 month minimum age requirement is entitled to a free one-day-trial for the Pre-School/Nursery Program, to assist parents in making the enrolment decision. 


9.  My question is not listed here.

For other questions or enquiries, please feel free to contact us by clicking <u>here</u>.