Pre-School / Nursery

Crèche Program (18 months to 3 years old)

The Crèche Program is specially catered to children ranging from age 18 to 36 months old. Daily lessons will include basic phonetics, music and movement, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, numbers, shapes, colours, story-telling time and more. These lessons focus on child development within that specific age. Apart from that, arts and craft and outdoor activities are conducted on a weekly basis. This is to ensure that both the right and left brain of the child will develop in a balanced manner.

Elementary Program (4 to 6 years old)

• Elementary 1 (4 years old)
• Elementary 2 (5 years old)
• Elementary 3 (6 years old)


The Elementary Program aims to encourage independence, improve movement coordination, refine a child’s perception of their surroundings, and improve their concentration span through the enhancement of cognitive development.


Daily lessons conducted inside subjects that will help to prepare a smooth transition into Primary One, be it International School, Chinese School or Kebangsaan School.

1) English Language
2) Mandarin
3) Bahasa Malaysia
4) Mathematic
5) Science
6) Moral
7) Show & Tell
8) Art & Craft
9) Musical instrument
10) Outdoor activities

Classes are conducted in small groups. Besides the above mentioned activities, there are also yearly outings and an annual concert performance by students.

Child Care Programs

1. Child Care Programs

After School Child Care

This program caters to parents who are working for long hours, and wish to give their child the opportunity to socialize among their peers. After School Child Care is a suitable program for parents with tight working schedule as it runs till 6.30pm on weekdays.


School Term Holiday Child Care

Most parents struggle with keeping their child occupied during school holidays because of work. The School Term Holiday Child Care Program is designed to keep children occupied with fun educational activities during working hours on school holidays.


Drop N’ Shop

Parents can now drop their child off at Words while they run their errands or go for shopping. Children will be kept occupied with activities that promotes their intellectual growth. However, this program is only available to registered students at Words.


2. Enrichment Classes


Mandarin classes offered at Wordsbangsar are specially structured to cater to children from ages 2 years and above to help in the area of reading and speaking. Well trained and qualified teachers provide a creative way of learning Mandarin to young children, making the learning process effective and enjoyable with the aim of encouraging the child in learning more about the language



Studies from the Northwestern University say that the introduction of music training to children has the ability to improve listening and learning skills. In Wordsbangsar children will be given the opportunity to explore the many different areas in music, with musically talented and qualified teachers. The music classes will begin with Music Grouphunt, a vocal training session that covers the knowledge of basic music melody, tunes, and notes. After that, they will then upgrade to basic training on the keyboard, and then move on to the piano where they will be taught in groups. Wordsbangsar also offers some string instruments like the ukulele in which the classes are non-exam based.



At Wordsbangsar we believe that basic self-defence training would benefit a child physically, mentally and intellectually as they grow. Master Yap, a black belt in Taekwondo, will be teaching the children the basic that focus on developing their gross motor skills, sense of balance and poise. Specially catered to children ages 3 and above, Taekwondo classes at Wordsbangsar aim to improve concentration, movement coordination, and the understanding of self-discipline and respect. .



Foundation pre-school mathematics are specially designed for children ages 4 to 6 who are experiencing difficulties or have no knowledge of addition and subtraction in mathematics. The lessons taught will differ according to age, and will be conducted by experienced teachers who are familiar with the handling of children with different levels of learnings needs.



Research has found that though there is an estimation of 10 million children all over the world with reading difficulties, 90% to 95% of them has the ability to overcome these impairments if given appropriate early intervention. Aimed at children ages 3 to 6 Wordsbangsar’s writing and reading classes offers help in phonics for both Bahasa Malaysia and the English language. Phonics (suku kata) is widely regarded as one of the most effective method for teaching children how to read and write. It automatically helps develop text recognition skills during the process, helping to quicken the process of reading, and then writing. The children will be taught by experienced English language teachers on a one-on-one attention basis, making the learning process more effective.  



Wordsbangsar offers Abacus class with aims to not only improve mathematical calculations but to also enhance a child’s mental capability. Abacus training has the ability to activate both the right and left hemisphere of the brain simultaneously, enhancing the ability to concentrate, visualize, memorize, observe, process information, listen and read. An experienced Mathematics teacher that is familiar with the abacus calculation system will be teaching the children with individual attention to meet different learning abilities.



Wordsbangsar offers Chinese school syllabus tuition-like classes for all primary school subjects.



Too much homework but too little time? Wordsbangsar provides this program aiming to coach and guide children who experience the struggle of having too much homework to complete within a short time frame.