My kids Fatini and Emir started with WordsBangsar since they were 4 and 2 years respectively. I was looking frantically for a good place to put my kids and almost gave up, until I decided to visit WordsBangsar and talked to Shirley. Since then, Shirley has been like a second mother to my kids and I totally relied on her as my substitute during the day time and those times I was outstation. She was my total back up system as I feel secure leaving my kids under her care.
Due to early encouragement in Mandarin language, my kids currently in Y6 and Y4 are still taking Mandarin in advanced class in their school. In addition, as most children at WordsBangsar stayed on throughout their growing up years, the kids formed close relationship almost like siblings to each other.
My kids still go to WordsBangsar for Piano and school holidays and even joined a show or two in the yearly Concert. I myself enjoyed my relationship with other mothers as we bonded over the years. As my son said to me recently "I still want to go to WordsBangsar even when I'm 20!" and that speaks for itself!
Posted By: Faridah Saban
Faridah, Fatini & Emir's Mum
My daughter, Andrea was at Wordsbangsar since 2 years old until she was 9 years old when we migrated to Australia. Such was the confidence we had with Wordsbangsar under Ms Shirley Chong who herself is very dedicated and hands on in ensuring the children are well taken care of. Shirley has become a very good friend and we are ever grateful to her and her teachers for teaching and caring for Andrea all these years. Wordsbangsar was like a second home to Andrea as we were busy working parents and we were very comfortable knowing that she was well taken care of. Andrea has fond memories of Wordsbangsar and the only thing she wants to do is to visit Wordsbangsar when we are back in Malaysia for holidays. That I guess speaks very well of Wordsbangsar and I have no hesitation in recommending Wordsbangsar to any parents.
Posted By: MK Chai
Andrea's Dad
I would not hesitate to recommend Wordsbangsar to any parent looking for a good nursery/kindergarten to send their child to. Oliver received a strong foundation in the basic subjects taught in Wordsbangsar, in particular in Mathematics and Mandarin, easing his transition into primary school. Aunty Shirley's method of running Wordsbangsar may be strict to some parents but it helped to shape Oliver's character, complementing the upbringing he has at home. The service and care provided by Wordsbangsar was wholesome and of a high standard and I truly believe that Oliver had great fun in the years he spent there.
Posted By: Julie Goh
Mother of Oliver Ruohonen
As the first student at Wordsbangsar, I believe I am suited to present a wholesome overview of my experience as a student there. Wordsbangsar has definitely been a prominent moulding factor. I’ve heard a lot of stories about me as a child and from them I gather that I was stubborn and lazy but now I can say I was a Deputy Head Girl of my school, an academic achiever and a creative thinker. Wordsbangsar has helped me throughout my childhood and even during my preteens. They supported me academically and me being a problematic learner at the time, I admire the teacher’s perseverance in guiding me. I know it couldn’t have been easy. Furthermore, I was impressed with the long hours which they would look after me. My mum had to work late sometimes and Aunty Shiley would always be relied on to look after me and reflecting back on my time there, I realise how lucky I was. Although I didn’t enjoy the cumbersome maths problems and the tedious Chinese characters, Wordsbangsar came up with creative activities to motivate me. Along with my friends at Wordsbangsar, we were encouraged to learn together in a stimulating environment. We had games and art classes that satisfied my creative ability and fuelled my enjoyment. Lastly, there were the concerts. They were the highlight of my time there. I loved dressing up and Aunty Shirley was always unbelievably creative. I thought she was creative then, but visiting it now, many years later, I find myself astounded by the carefully designed and created costumes and props that she made herself. I remember visiting her home, only to find bits of fabric strewn over the sofa. Additionally, the dancing and the singing opportunities I received enhanced my experience at Wordsbangsar. I loved to perform and Wordsbangsar did a great job in giving me that opportunity to shine, especially when I was pathetic at everything else at the time. Visiting Wordsbangsar now, I have met new teachers and they are all incredibly nice. There is a great balance of humorous, strict and patient.
Posted By: Zoe Hooper
I used to be a student at Words

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